Friday, December 24, 2010

Praying Mantis

Species: Heirodula Tamolana from Daintree Rainforrest Australia
(Sex: Female)
Stance Variable

Pair of seven piece casting assemblage with two antenne each
Manufactured in sterling silver and 18ct gold
65-67grams each

Dung Rolling Scarab Beetle

Holocropis Dominae - dung rolling scarab beetle collected from Thailand
(Sex Unknown)

Original seven piece tri-tone 9ct gold casting assemblage 
Wings - elytra and underside : yellow gold
Thorax : orange gold
Head - snout : rose gold
Antenne : yellow gold


The Pectoral

Original design incorporating images of Anubis, Horus and the Boy King Tutankhamun with articulated earrings

22ct Gold
24ct Gold Plating
Sterling Silver

Yellow Diamonds
Blue Tourmaline
Created Emerald
Lapis Lazulii
Cubic Zirconia

Weight - 298grams : Hollow Caste/Flat Back

Startled Venetian Masque

 - worn as both belt buckle and neck piece. Solid Silver. Also solid Bronze.

Goliath Goliath

Twelve piece hollow casting assemblage of Goliath Goliath beetle collect from Congo, Africa
(Sex Unknown)

Sterling Silver

-also manufactured with all wings open and displayed as in flight-

Insect Buddah Sect

Insect Buddah Sect
1 Kg Solid Silver